Buying a new car?

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Thinking of buying a new car?  There are several things to take into consideration when purchasing a new car.

One of the first things to decide, is what type of car are you looking for.  Are you looking for an affordable small car, a fuel-efficient SUV, a truck or a sporty convertible? What about make and model?   Make list of cars that you would like to test drive based on research, reliability, high owner satisfaction, good safety marks, and a strong road test performance.

Once you have narrowed down your list, make sure your new car has advanced safety issues.  These can help avoid an accident or lessen the impact of a crash.  Although these safety features are becoming widely available, they are not standard on many models and trims.

Car dealers will try to sell you a wide variety of extra add-on products when financing a new car.  This is how the make the most in their profits.  Some of the extras are theft protection, asset protection, prepaid maintenance, tire and key replacement plans, VIN etching, and extended warranties.  Say no thanks to these.

Some people get special sales events via their direct mail.  Don’t shop during these special events.  They are often run by contracted specialist trained in techniques that increase a dealer’s profit.

Be smart on how you finance your new car.   The amount of the monthly payments is usually what most buyers focus on.  But other things to consider are long-term impacts on your finances, the amount of interest on your loan, interest paid, trade in value, and even depreciation.

There are several fees you should avoid.  Refuse to pay fees that are called “pre-delivery inspection,” “delivery,” “destination,” or “dealer prep charges.”  These usually are posted on a second window sticker of the vehicle.


Please remember : if you have a vehicle AND it is under the manufacturer’s warranty, you are entitled to fair treatment and getting the problem fixed in a timely manner. In many cases, the manufacturer will repurchase your vehicle, and may even have to pay civil penalties and or reimbursement of your expenses. It helps to understand your rights as a consumer, and the California Lemon Law expert is here to help you or someone you may know who is in this situation. If your vehicle is not functioning properly and is under warranty, you have rights under the law that you need to thoroughly understand. Call us today for a free, no charge consultation at 916-672-8443.


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