This 2019 Kia Forte incurred complaints about the following: All lights come on while driving and RPMs stay at zero. Songs skipping then lights on dash came on one by one. Check engine light on and sputtering and steering wheel got stiff. While driving vehicle randomly switches drive modes. Intermittently dashboard and radio turned off completely and then back on. Collision warning lights come on intermittently.

Parts that required diagnosis, adjustment, repair or replacement are: IPM connections and back of cluster, pin tension and connections at IPM and MDPS, tension on PIN 1 and 2 of MF61.

In a statutory repurchase of a lemon vehicle you can get back your down-payment, all your payments, towing charges, rental vehicle charges as well as have all your attorney’s fees and costs paid. Representing yourself against the big manufacturers puts you at a disadvantage.

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