This 2015 Cadillac Escalade incurred complaints about the following:   Air conditioning blowing warm from vents, transmission feels like it bogs down when shifting, shifts rough, clicking noise while turning, cue screen went blank, button controls work intermittently, seat coolers don’t cool, rear suspension feels stiff and bounces around a lot, brakes feel soft and hard to stop, wooshing noise, delay in shifting and vehicle lurches forward when put into park, fuel smell when vehicle warmed up.

Parts that required diagnosis, adjustment, repair or replacement are:  A/C condenser, brakes, calipers, steering column, transmission, info display module assembly, shocks, struts, injector seal, o ring, combustion chamber seals, intake manifold.

In a statutory repurchase of a lemon vehicle you can get back your down-payment, all your payments, towing charges, rental vehicle charges as well as have all your attorney’s fees and costs paid.  Representing yourself against the big manufacturers puts you at a disadvantage.

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