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Customer demand is reportedly surging for high-end Ford SUV’s, another sign that America’s appetite for big, luxury SUV’s isn’t stopping anytime soon. Dealers are struggling to get their stock to keep up with demand for their biggest, most expensive SUVs. Ford is reportedly investing $25+ Million to speed up output at its Louisville, KY plant, with a goal of increasing output by 25% over current levels.

Sales have increased by 59% and 132% for Expedition and Navigator respectively. Ford enjoys a relatively high profit margin on these trucks, and “turns” (time from on-lot delivery to final sale) has decreased dramatically. Dealers cannot keep them in stock.

According to Ford sales analyst Erich Merkle, both of the vehicles are doing well. It is imperative that the company do everything it can to increase output. The Ford CEO has implemented a no-order policy for Ford employees from ordering Navigators or Expeditions for personal use.

Currently, the Ford Expedition sits an average of just 11 days on the lot. Average sale prices reflect a $7k rise in part due to those vehicles with the “Platinum” trim level, with a starting price of $76,600. Also, Navigator sales are up over 100% in nearly every region, including California, where sales are up a whopping 135%.


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