We’ve been recently informed of a serious safety issue involving Toyota’s brand new all-Electric (EV) powered SUV, the BZ4X.  

Purchasers of this new SUV are being sent recall notices, stating that the wheels can come off (!) of the vehicle after ‘low mileage use’.  Apparently, Toyota is aware that hub bolts (which are used to attach the wheels to the axle) can come loose and get to a point where the wheel actually detaches from the vehicle.  This is obviously a major safety concern.  Toyota seems to drive the point home with the statement “DO NOT DRIVE YOUR VEHICLE UNTIL THE REMEDY IS PERFORMED”.  

The problem is that Toyota still has not found a fix for this issue.  Owners are stuck making expensive payments on their new EV, while paying for gas in their loaner cars!  

If you purchased or leased the new 2023 Toyota BZ4X and have received the recall notice, AND the vehicle has been sitting at the dealership waiting for the remedy for 30 days or more, please immediately give our office a call at 916-672-8443 for further information and assistance.