How to File a Lemon Law Claim

1. Go to The Dealership for Repairs IMMEDIATELY When You Have ANY Problem!

The evidence required to prove lemon law claims are the Repair Orders generated by Authorized Dealerships.  Even if problems are intermittent, you must document the complaints at the Authorized Dealership.  Even if they do not verify the problem, you will have evidence.  By taking your vehicle to the Authorized Dealership, you are allowing the manufacturer (through its Authorized Dealership) the opportunity (required by law) to repair the problem.  Under the Lemon Law, you must give the manufacturer a “reasonable” number of attempts to repair the vehicle, which is usually two to four failed attempts. The California Lemon Law Expert -Patrea Bullock – can help you determine if your vehicle qualifies.

2. Report ANY and ALL Problems!

Every service visit to the Authorized Dealership qualifies as a “repair attempt”.  Even if you previously told the Authorized Dealership of a problem and they failed to verify or duplicate it, COMPLAIN AGAIN!  Dealerships must document each complaint, which becomes evidence. Review the Repair Orders to ensure they have accurately and completely documented ALL your concerns, no matter how small or trivial. If something is missed, you have the right to ask them to correct the Repair Order (or make note on the Repair Order yourself).  The California Lemon Law Expert – Patrea Bullock – can explain this process in more detail, so feel free to reach out if you have questions.  It costs you nothing to get help.

3. Keep Copies of All Your Documentation!

You will want to keep all Repair Orders, the Purchase or Lease Agreement, and all Maintenance Records.  The repair orders prove your case; the Purchase/Lease Agreement prove your damages, and the Maintenance Records prove you have properly maintained the vehicle, preventing them from blaming you for the problems.

Don’t count on the shops to keep your records.  You never know when one of them will close or go out of business.  If they do, you could lose access to the required evidence.

Also, document who you spoke with, when and what was said.

Lastly, make a video recording of the vehicle problem(s) if safe and possible.  Video evidence of what you are experiencing is incredibly valuable, especially for those complaints that are intermittent.

4. Ask for Help As SOON As You Suspect You Have A Lemon!

Even if the vehicle does not yet completely qualify, but you suspect or are worried it will continue to have problems, you should seek help to protect your rights, SOONER THAN LATER!

Be aware that if the manufacturer fails to repurchase or replace a qualifying lemon vehicle, you could be entitled to up to two times the actual damages in civil penalties.

5. Hire an Experienced Lemon Law Attorney!

The Lemon Law is complicated and requires an advanced level of knowledge and implementation.  Patrea Bullock has handled more than 40 jury trials as lead counsel and has formerly defended major auto manufacturers.  Having a REAL TRIAL LAWYER on your side gives you great leverage and worry-free due process.  If the opposition knows you are willing and able to go to trial, experience has proven they’ll be motivated to settle.

The Lemon Law requires the MANUFACTURER to PAY YOUR ATTORNEY’S FEES AND COSTS, so there is no reason to go through this process alone.  You should contact the experienced California Lemon Law Expert – Patrea Bullock – for an immediate and free evaluation at 916-672-8443.

6. What and Where to Send Your Documentation For Help!

For a FREE evaluation send either by email to [email protected]  or by fax to 855-520-1690 the following documents and information:

  1. Your Name, Phone number, Street Address and Email Address; **
  2. A copy of your Purchase/Lease Agreement; **
  3. A copy of all other purchase or lease documents (i.e., GAP, CPO info, Maintenance or Extended Warranty info, Due Bill, etc.);
  4. A copy of ANY and ALL Repair Orders from Authorized Dealerships, whether or not it shows problems; **
  5. A copy of all other Maintenance Documents from shops that are not Authorized Dealerships;
  6. A copy of your Current Registration; **
  7. A copy of all notes about what is wrong with the vehicle, who you spoke to about it and what was said; and
  8. A copy of any Video or Audio evidence you have in your possession.

The California Lemon Law Expert -Patrea Bullock- will do an evaluation, provide you with valuable advice, and possibly take your lemon law case – all at NO CHARGE TO YOU.



Patrea Bullock is PASSIONATE about helping people in this situation, so GET FREE HELP NOW from the California Lemon Law Expert!