This 2019 GMC Canyon incurred complaints about the following: Check engine light on, reduced engine power, code P0521 found.

Parts that required diagnosis, adjustment, repair or replacement are: Engine oil pressure sensor, oil control valve and harness.

In a statutory repurchase of a lemon vehicle you can get back your down-payment, all your payments, towing charges, rental vehicle charges as well as have all your attorney’s fees and costs paid. Representing yourself against the big manufacturers puts you at a disadvantage.

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Numerous transmission problems have been reported by owners of GMC Trucks – specifically the model years 2015–2017 GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado trucks, to be specific. We at the California Lemon Law Expert office have spoken with consumers who have had vehicles which exhibited problems with sudden (and unsafe) downshifts, sudden and unexpected acceleration, delays in shifting, and other problems.

The biggest concern is of course for the driver and occupant safety. Shifting problems can cause a severe safety concern, since the vehicle may be towing, or on the freeway while merging (or avoiding) nearby traffic.

Typically, an owner will return to the dealership, where the transmission is then usually ‘reprogrammed’ or (yeah, my favorite) ‘software updated’ to attempt to correct the problem. We see numerous failed attempts to correct these transmission problems.

This problem was widespread enough to where the issue eventually turned in to a filed proposed class action lawsuit, but apparently GM has succeeded in convincing the court not to proceed. General Motors filed a motion to dismiss the truck lawsuit and apparently have succeeded in convincing the judge a nationwide class action could not proceed. Even though General Motors breached implied warranties, it is up to that particular state law in determining further action and remedy for the plaintiff. Further, the judge did allow a claim for breach of express warranty, and because that claim survived, so did a claim concerning the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.

Do you know the difference between Magnuson-Moss, Song-Beverly, and Guns n’ Roses? (Hint: One is Federal, one is California’s Lemon Law, and one is on tour right now). When your warranted vehicle is showing problems, do you care? Of course not, you need the problem fixed – at THEIR expense, not yours.  They are the ones who provide the warranty, after all. Call us for a free, no charge consultation at 916-672-8443.

Please remember: if you have a vehicle AND it is under the manufacturer’s warranty, you are entitled to fair treatment and getting the problem fixed in a timely manner. In many cases, the manufacturer will repurchase your vehicle, and may even have to pay civil penalties and or reimbursement of your expenses. It helps to understand your rights as a consumer, and the California Lemon Law expert is here to help you or someone you may know who is in this situation. If your vehicle is not functioning properly and is under warranty, you have rights under the law that you need to thoroughly understand. Call us today for a free, no charge consultation at 916-672-8443.