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One of the bigger debuts at the 2018 Detroit auto show was the 2019 Ford Ranger. The newest Ranger is larger in size this time around and will compete against the likes of the Chevrolet ColoradoGMC Canyon and Toyota Tacoma once it reaches dealerships next year. Ford officials are positioning the pickup as a lifestyle vehicle that appeals to younger, active buyers who may not want the herculean hauling capabilities of a full-size F-150.

The question is how this will serve North American buyers who drive their pickup to work five days a week and for play on weekends when the Ranger goes on sale early next year. The addition of features like an Ecoboost engine and Wi-Fi hotspot augurs well. But the fact that Ford describes the interior as ‘functional and durable’ raises questions about look, feel and comfort.

“It’s finally here, the new Ford Ranger. After years of looking at the foreign market one enviously, it’s coming here. And it sounds promising. It has the 2.3-liter four-cylinder we know from the Mustang and Focus RS, so it should be pretty potent. While I wish a manual was announced, the 10-speed should be very good, since we’ve enjoyed it in basically every car to feature it. It also has a nice, clean, simple look that contrasts with the more aggressive, heavily styled trucks from competitors.”

— Joel Stocksdale, Autoblog

“While I’m a little disappointed that Ford didn’t go further in updating the Ranger before bringing it to America (it’s largely the same model we’ve seen on sale globally since 2011), what Ford did bring is tasty, stylish and a welcome addition to the market.”

— Aaron Bragman,

“In total, this is a far more sophisticated machine than the previous Ranger, and it adopts many of the innovative conveniences Ford has placed in the F-150 and the Expedition SUV.”

— Jeff S. Bartlett, Consumer Reports

“Slightly more aggressive designs for the front end and tailgate distinguish the North American Ranger from its cousins. It looks very much like one would expect a Ranger to, with appropriately sporty styling, a utilitarian interior, and trim dimensions. If we had a complaint, it’d be a slightly plain-looking rear quarter view and the use of hard plastic on the door panels (though we’ll withhold final judgment till we sit in a series-production example).”

— Brett T. Evans, Four Wheeler Network

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