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Welcome back ! Lately, electrically powered cars seem to be in the news daily, and certainly seem to be gaining in popularity. One of the newest and most talked-about car companies is of course, Tesla. Let’s take a look at early reviews of the Tesla ‘Model 3’, which is Tesla’s first ‘mass-market’ electric vehicle. What follows are the initial reviews of those who have experienced the product.

The positives : The Model 3’s handling is reported to be somewhat “stiffer” than that of the pricier Model S, and that it feels “quicker” and was easier to maneuver. Owners have praised the car’s handling and acceleration. In addition to the overall feel, turning radius is also more nimble. Whereas the Model S requires about three lanes width to accomplish a “u-turn”, the 3 can do it comfortably with two. Some premium features of the X are definitely missed but that’s to be expected for $40k less.

Problem areas : Some owners have reported that the car’s biggest problem so far concerns similar issues we have seen with other Tesla models : Inconsistent door operation. The front driver-side door doesn’t close as easily as it should, and does not properly latch, as we have seen in prior models. Other owners report malfunctions with the Model 3’s Bluetooth features. Problems reported include the fact that the car is constantly connecting to smartphones via Bluetooth every few minutes, resulting in the car ‘waking up’ and unfolding the mirrors – all day long.

The positive responses the Model 3 have received so far are good news for Tesla — which has struggled to meet its production goals for the vehicle. For Tesla to meet their intended market-capitalization goals (regardless of model), the company will have to find success among consumers who can’t afford Tesla’s high-end vehicles. Solving the Model 3’s production issues and working to fulfill the car’s preorders in a somewhat timely manner would be a good first step.

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Source : https://www.businessinsider.com

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