2020 Lincoln Aviator in Lemon Law Settlement in Sacramento County California

This 2020 Lincoln Aviator incurred complaints about the following: 4WD warning light on, auto hold system fault, pre-collision fault, drive control malfunction, hill assist warning on screen while driving, rear foot activate liftgate sensor inoperable, windshield wiper sensor inoperable, brake light on, clicking sound coming from dashboard, side sensors on passenger side detect an object when no objects around, steering only working intermittently. Codes found C0051 and U0415.

Parts that required diagnosis, adjustment, repair or replacement are: Front half shaft speed sensor, IPM-A and IPM-B.

In a statutory repurchase of a lemon vehicle you can get back your down-payment, all your payments, towing charges, rental vehicle charges as well as have all your attorney’s fees and costs paid. Representing yourself against the big manufacturers puts you at a disadvantage.

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