2019 BMW 330i Lemon Law Settlement in Placer County

This 2019 BMW 330i incurred complaints about the following:  Exhaust rattles on cold start, abnormal smell coming from vents when starting a/c, coolant leaks, knocking noise coming from engine area, howling noise coming from front brakes, drive train malfunction warning light came on while driving, fault code 21A438 and 112201, vehicle stutter and lack of power.  

Parts that required diagnosis, adjustment, repair or replacement are:  Muffler and bracket, a/c, intake manifold and cooling module, oil pump, DME, fuel injectors, spark plugs and wiring harness.

In a statutory repurchase of a lemon vehicle you can get back your down-payment, all your payments, towing charges, rental vehicle charges as well as have all your attorney’s fees and costs paid.  Representing yourself against the big manufacturers puts you at a disadvantage. 

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