Driverless Cars Freaking you out?

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Driverless Cars Freaking You Out?


Would you get in a vehicle controlled by driverless car technology?  Nearly 75% of drivers, in all age groups, have no confidence in driverless cars that implement all aspects of driving.  But cars that assist drivers with blind spot monitoring, lane departure and forward collision warning systems have grown support with consumers and researchers.  They just don’t like the idea of a computer taking full control of a car.


And research has shown that only 13 percent of consumers would feel safe in a driverless car.

70 percent of men would not feel safe on the roads where a self-driving car was being operated.  The same question was asked of women, and 83 percent of them said they wouldn’t feel safe.


AAA says the data indicates that media reports of crashes involving autonomous technology, i.e., blind spot monitoring, lane departure and forward collision warning systems, haven’t sold consumers on the idea of a driverless car.


There have been some well-publicized deaths involving semi-autonomous technology in Telsa and Uber vehicles.  These events have also caused consumers to distrust a driverless car.




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