Lincoln Lemon Law Information

Lincoln California Lemon Law Information

Lincoln provides basic, powertrain and emissions warranties with new cars purchased in California.  Those warranties follow the car until they expire.   If your new, used, leased or purchased vehicle is in the shop too much and the problems started during the warranty period, it may be a lemon.  Lincoln models include Lincoln MKS Ecoboost, Lincoln MKT EcoBoost, Lincoln MKX, Lincoln MKZ, Lincoln Navigator, Lincoln Town Car

Even if Lincoln agrees to repurchase, replace or compensate you, having an attorney on your side, protecting your rights during the negotiations is highly recommended.  The Release they will ask you to sign is a legal, binding agreement and should not be entered without legal advice.  The Release could have clauses that are either not legal or not necessary and you could be unnecessarily giving up rights.

Since the advice of counsel is FREE, don’t put yourself in this position.  Call the California Lemon Law Expert today at 916-672-8443.

Potential Lincoln Lemon Law issues include:

  • “Service Advance Trac,” “Check Engine,” and/or “Collision Warning” lights come on
  • Sirius Radio drops out, doesn’t work consistently
  • Power windows don’t work properly
  • Steering is noisy or pulls to the left or right side
  • Issues with air conditioning, defroster, or heating system
  • Loss of power, vehicle stalls or cuts out while driving
  • Transmission problems, including slipping and stalling
  • Drivetrain problems
  • Vehicle overheating
  • Fuel gauge is inaccurate or does not function
  • Fuel system problems
  • Remote key does not function properly, power locks malfunctioning, car doesn’t start